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2021.W49.7: Explore the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Thanks for coming across my blog series “Explore the Oracle Cloud“. I hope you will enjoy reading it. In this blog, I am giving a brief explanation of the Software as Service offerings of Oracle Cloud. The SaaS services of Oracle Cloud are called Fusion Cloud Applications. The below diagram list the SaaS services offered […]

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2021.W49.4: Explore the Oracle Cloud

Explore the Oracle Cloud is all about sharing my understanding of Oracle Cloud Offering. You might think that it is just like any other blog post which explains the Oracle Cloud Offerings and Services. But here, I will try to explain to you my understanding of Oracle Cloud in a simple and easy understanding way. […]

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2021-07-17: E-Business Suite Migration Strategy to OCI

This post is going to talk about migration strategy for E-Business Suite (EBS) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). I am trying to cover some basic strategies which can give you an idea and build a strategy for EBS migration. Scenario 1: Application and Database – Lift & Shift This is the most common scenario you […]

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2021-07-02: New Pricing Model for Oracle Identity Cloud Service

In this post I trying to cover some aspects of the User Per Month pricing model introduced by Oracle for Integration Cloud Service (IDCS), which is available with version 18.4.2. The billing is based on the user’s monthly activities on IDCS. As per Oracle, this can help in streamlining the projected billing. There are two […]

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