Month: August 2021

2021-08-26: Bi-Weekly: What’s new in Oracle Cloud?

I am shifting my weekly blog on new updates on Oracle Cloud to a biweekly. So, here you go the latest updates on Oracle Cloud. The post list the new features added from the last two-week ending 22-August-2021. 2021-08-09: Version 20 of oci-fss-utils for File Storage in-transit encryption is now available Service: File Storage Oracle […]

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2021-08-09: What’s new in Oracle Cloud?

A weekly blog where I try to give highlights of a new feature or service updates on Oracle Cloud. 2021-08-03: Cross Region Volume Group Backup Copies Service: Block Volume The support for cross-region coping of Volume Group backups is now supported. This was a much-needed feature to implement Disaster Recovery Solutions. For more details, please […]

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