2021-07-04: Creating Private DNS in OCI

In this post, I am going to talk about Oracle Cloud Private DNS. It allows you to use your own private DNS domain name.

Let’s first talk about three components of OCI Private DNS.

  • Private DNS Zones: It contain data only accessible from within a Virtual Cloud Network for example private IPs. It provides response to only for clients that can reach it through a VCN. You can duplicate zones across VCNs.
  • Private DNS Views: It is the collection of Private DNS Zones. It is referenced from Private DNS resolver to manage how DNS queries are answered. It can also be used by multiple private DNS resolvers.
  • Private DNS Resolver: This is the one which responded to the DNS queries. It follows a patten to provide response to a DNS queries this is depicted in the below diagram

To start with setting up Private DNS, first, I will create DNS Zones, followed by DNS Views. Lastly, I will update the DNS Resolver of each VCN.

Create Private DNS Zones

Follow the steps below to create private DNS Zones

1. Navigate to Networking and under DNS Management, click on Zones

2. On the Zones page click on the tab Private Zones and click on Create Zone.

3. Provide the below details:

  • Zone Name: e.g. abc.xyz.com
  • Select the right Compartment.
  • Zone Type (read-only field)
  • In DNS Private View box, you can choose existing DNS Private View or create a new one. As I am building Private DNS from scratch, I will select Create New Private View and proceed. Note: The Private View will be created in the same compartment as Private Zone.
  • In the Name text box, provide a meaningful name for new private view.
  • Optionally you can provide Tag by clicking on Advance options.
  • Now click on Create.

The details of the zone will appear after the completion of the necessary SOA and NA records.

Now, follow the steps below to associate DNS Private View with a DNS Resolver.

1. Navigate to VCN for which you intended to use the Private DNS.

2. On the VCN Information tab you will find a link next to DNS Resolver. Click on the link to display private resolver details.

3. On this page click on Manage Private Views and provide the name of Private View created while creating private zone. Once done, you will be able to see a line added into Manage Private Views Table.

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